Karnataka Bank joined with IIFL Securities to launch ‘KBL Smart Trade’

Planning In-service Training Programme: Report of a Need Assessment Survey

The present paper explains about ‘why’ and ‘how’ of assessing training needs of teachers for finalising the structure of professional development programmes with the help of empirical data. A Need Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) has been administered to a sample of primary school teachers to collect information regarding the requirements of in-service training in the area of teaching primary mathematics. The analysis of the data shows that teachers require more orientations on student-centred, activity-based learning methods which are appropriate to the primary school level.

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Voices of Voices of Teachers and Teacher Educators, Volume VII Issue II, NCERT

राष्ट्ी्य िैशक्षक अनुसनधान एवं प्रशिक्षण परररि् ने हाल ही मि ें 'प्रारंशभक सतर पर सीखने के प्रशतफल' िीर्यक से एक ऐसा िसतावेज तै्यार शक्या शजसमि ेंप्रारंशभक सतर के समिसत पाठ््यि्या्य क्षेत्रों के सीखने के प्रशतफलों को उनकी पाठ््यि्या्य समबनधी अपेक्षाओं और शिक्षणिास्ती्य प्रशक्र्याओं के साथ प्रसतुत शक्या ग्या ह।ै इस िसतावेज का मिुख्य उद््े्य शवद्ाल्यों मि ेंसीखने की गुणवत्ा Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस को बढ़ाना व शिक्षकों को इस ्योग्य बनाना ह ैशक शिक्षक शबना शवलमब सभी शवद्ाशथ्य्यों के शलए सीखने के कौिलों को अशधक उप्युति रूप से सुशनशश्चत करते हुए सुधारातमिक किमि उठा सकें। सीखने के ्ये प्रशतफल न केवल प्रत्येक कक्षा के शिक्षकों को सीखने-शसखाने पर ध्यान केंशद्रत करने मि ेंसहा्यता करेंगे, बश्क ्ये अशभभावक/संरक्षक, समिुिा्य के सिस्यों और राज्य Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस पिाशधकारर्यों को पूरे िेि के शवद्ाल्यों मि ेंशिक्षा की गुणवत्ा सुशनशश्चत करने मि ेंउनकी भूशमिका-शनवा्यह मि ें सहा्यक होंगे ताशक शवशभनन पाठ््यि्या्य क्षेत्र से अपेक्षाओं की पूशत्य हो सके। इस लेख मि ेंउचि प्राथशमिक सतर पर सामिाशजक शवज्ान शवर्य के अंतग्यत आने वाले ऐसे ही एक शवर्य 'इशतहास' से सीखने के एक प्रशतफल को उिाहरण के तौर पर लेते हुए ्यह शिखाने का प्र्यास शक्या ग्या ह ैशक कक्षा मि ेंसीखने-शसखाने की प्रशक्र्या के िौरान सतत और व्यापक मिू््यांकन का उप्योग करते हुए कैसे बचिे उन प्रशतफलों की प्राशप् कर सकते ह ैजो उनसे अपेशक्षत ह।ैं

UPI123 – A New Payment Service introduced by RBI

The full form of UPI123 is the Unified Payments Interface. It is defined as a system that holds multiple bank accounts into a single mobile application. It also has a feature called “Peer to Peer”, as it collects requests from people known to you. The requests can be scheduled and are paid as per our requirements and convenience.

On March 10, The UPI service which is limited to smartphones is now available to all the phones without internet, according to the RBI’s statement UPI123. This service is expected to benefit a greater number of phone users, especially rural people. This initiative increases digital financial inclusion and will improve digital payments to a higher level.

“Two key initiatives have been released today that id UPI123Pay and DigiSaathi. These initiatives are diverse in transforming the dimensions in the payment system of our nation. In UPI123Pay, the users have to undergo a three-step process to complete a transaction. The main aim of UPI123 is to bring and empower a large number of users in online banking. DigiSaathi mainly focuses on enhancing trust in the digital payment system.”, as stated by the RBI governor Shaktikanta Das.

EXCHANGE22 - India's 1st Sports Stock Exchange Wins Over Myfab11 In A Copyright Infringement Tussle

EXCHANGE22 - Indias 1st Sports Stock Exchange Wins Over Myfab11 In A Copyright Infringement Tussle

New Delhi, India Recently, the Delhi High Court granted an ex parte ad interim injunction in favour of EXCHANGE 22, India's 1st Sports Stock Exchange, a fantasy gaming app brand registered with Hulm Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The copyright infringement suit was filed against MyFab11, another gaming app, launched an identical gaming platform. EXCHANGE 22 was represented by Mr.

New Delhi, India

Recently, the Delhi High Court granted an ex parte ad interim injunction in favour of EXCHANGE 22, India's 1 st Sports Stock Exchange, a fantasy gaming app brand registered with Hulm Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The copyright infringement suit was filed against MyFab11, another gaming app, launched an identical gaming platform.

EXCHANGE 22 was represented by Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Senior Advocate, assisted by Sudeep Chatterjee, Partner, Singh & Singh Law Firm LLP along with Advocates Tejveer Singh Bhatia, Shifa Nagar, Kiratraj Sadana, and Tanya Arora.

EXCHANGE 22 is the first of its kind fantasy league gaming platform for cricket, football, basketball, and kabaddi. The platform's distinguishing feature is the 'real-time gaming experience' albeit virtually. Furthermore, it incorporates the unique traits of share market trading, which allows the user to buy/sell players' shares the same way as buying and selling stocks on the exchange. Users can transact in the form of purchasing any number of shares of a player before the real-time start, for a maximum of up to 22 players per match happening globally. In addition to the Points System, the EXCHANGE 22 app is an exciting user experience as it is a perfect blend of Fantasy Sports Leagues and Stock Market Trading features.

"India is now racing towards being a hub of unicorns, start-ups, and entrepreneurship at an all-new high. One common thread that encompasses all these big-ticket achievements is Innovation and protection of ideas. I am thankful to the Hon'ble Court for once again instilling confidence into the community the very belief and importance of intellectual property and ownership of copyright as one of the inevitable business assets today." said Bodhishatta Karfa, Director, EXCHANGE 22

What triggered the filing of the suit by EXCHANGE 22 was MyFab11 launching an almost replica version of EXCHANGE 22 just a day before the beginning of the Indian Premier League 2022. The new version cloned Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस not only the gaming interface but also front-end analytics gaming data, including player prices, etc. Furthermore, MyFab11's imitation efforts extended to adopting similar advertising and promotional strategies and the overall advertising approach. In addition, the new update's concept, expression, and user interface substantially reproduced EXCHANGE 22's registered copyright.

Hon'ble Delhi High Court granted an injunction to MyFab11 from being downloaded by the users through their app, official website, or any other means, platforms, updates, etc. Additionally, all app stores housing the MyFab11 app have been directed to delist the app. The domain registrar was also directed to suspend the domain name registration for myfab11.com.


Exchange22 brings together sports and trading. The first of its' kind sports fantasy league; sports stock exchange. Founded in 2019, its kind of sports fantasy concept merges sports and trading and how a stock exchange operates. However, instead of trading stocks of companies, players are traded. We believe that this one-of-a-kind concept of sports fantasy league has redefined the fantasy league concept and set new benchmarks for its simple, user-friendly interface and gameplay, letting the user have a unique experience. Exchange22 is owned and operated by Hulm Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस

Karnataka Bank joined with IIFL Securities to launch ‘KBL Smart Trade’

Karnataka Bank and IIFL Securities launch KBLSmart Trade

On March 26, 2021, Karnataka Bank made a tie-up with IIFL Securities, a broking and advisory firm and introduced ‘KBL Smart Trade’, a solution for its customer’s capital market needs by providing a facility to access IIFL Securities’ Demat and trading account.

Features of ‘KBLSmart Trade’:

  • It will provide a two-in-one account facility that the Karnataka Bank’s Savings Bank Account holders can open a Demat & Trading a/c with IIFL Securities instantly.
  • Customers will be able to directly open an account under the KBL Smart Trade arrangement.
  • The account holders can access live prices and alerts, research and recommendations of stocks, trading tips, customisable watch lists.

Demat Account and Trading Account:

i.A Demat account (short for “dematerialized account”) is an account to hold shares and financial securities (equity or debt) in electronic form.

  • In India, Demat accounts are maintained by National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services Limited.

ii.Trading Account is an account that will provide the interface to buy and sell shares in the stock market.

Usage of Demat and Trading Account:

  • Trading Account will help to buy and sell shares in the stock market in which Demat Account will act as a repository to store the shares you buy in digital format
  • Demat Account is only a repository it will help to take the delivery of shares when trading in equity delivery or when you apply for an IPO and get the allotment of shares. It does not help to transact in the stock exchange for that Trading account will be used.

About IIFL Securities:

IIFL Securities is one of the entities of IIFL Finance Limited
Incorporation – 1996
Headquarters– Mumbai, Maharashtra
MD – R. Venkataraman

About Karnataka Bank:

Establishment – 1924
Headquarters – Mangalore, Karnataka
Tagline – Your Family Bank Across India
MD&CEO– Mahabaleshwara M.S,

Cash Withdrawal from ATM Without Debit Card

An innovative step has been taken by AGS Transact Technologies to develop a new mobile application. With the help of the application, users will be able to withdraw money with the help of UPI or Unified Payment Interface. It goes without saying that by the introduction of this interface, the cash withdrawal can be made easily without the use of debit cards at Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस the ATM corners. By the help of UPI 2.0, the transactions will be carried out based on the QR code method of payment. This method does not involve the use of any pin. Here, the new application launched will be used for scanning purpose, and it is considered way safer the physical use of the debit cards or any pin. This has made the method of withdrawing cash an easy affair with the launch of UPI 2.0 application.

बिना डेबिट कार्ड के एटीएम से पैसे निकालना

Subject Cash Withdrawal from ATM Without Debit Card
Technology name UPI 2.0
Mobile platform Android and Ios
Agency name AGS Transact Technologies
When it will start 2019

UPI Based Cash Withdrawal from ATM – Working

Details of UPI based cash withdrawal from ATMs are detailed further.

  • First, users have to visit the ATM.
  • Secondly, the user has to open the mobile application and scan the QR code displayed on the ATM machine.
  • Soon the cash can be withdrawn from the machine without inserting the ATM card.
  • The money will be transferred directly from the linked bank account after scanning the QR code to the bank ATM that you are using.

For this new method of money withdrawal that does not involve the use of the ATM card, the banks do not need to change their software and hardware setup. Only little modification in the ATM system is enough to enable and use this easy UPI based cash transfer method.

UPI 2.0 – Withdraw Cash From ATM without using Debit Card

The new application has been launched by AGS Transact Technologies for the ease of money transfer. The UPI 2.0 method of money transfer enables the developers of the application to make use of QR code that can be incorporated into the use of the application. For using this Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस QR based on money transfer, users need not have to apply for any new account. The existing bank account will be enough to make the money transfer. The prerequisite is to download the application that will help to scan the QR code displayed on the ATM machine.

UPI Based Money Withdrawal from ATM – Safe or Not

To make money transfer a seamless and safe affair, the UPI has been an excellent development. NPCI is trying to make this experience of money transfer a better one for the users. AGS Transact Technologies work in collaboration with the ATM services of different banks.

The QR code based money withdrawal method has been launched in October. It can be expected that this new method of cash transfer will become an easy one for the users in the next financial year.

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